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                        With VIP dogs learn, exercise and find adventure!!
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Premier Dog Training, Dog Walking & Hike Service for the Very Important Pet In Your Life!!
Serving Lake Norman since 2007

 VIP Pet Services specializes in unique, tail wagging fun ways to meet your pet's mental and physical needs. 

Does your dog or puppy need to learn basic obedience dog training commands?
Pulls on his/her leash?  Dog Reactive?
Bark too much?  Jump on people?
Have anxiety?

Have pent up energy?  Lacks play time with others?
Is your dog bored and alone while you are at work? 

We Can Help!

Our Obedience Dog Training, Dog Walking & Pack Hike services are the answer! It is our passion to help create well balanced dogs. We understand the impact of using dog training to teach a dog boundaries, commands, coupled with exercise and mental stimulation on a dog's behavior and well being.  With VIP dogs learn, exercise and find adventure!

WARNING! The following services are guaranteed to get lots of tail wags, sniffs and overall exuberance!!!

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 Dog Training

Nature Dog Pack Hikes

 Doggie Adventure Day Trips (Last Thursday of Every Month) 

 Dog Walking Service

  Puppy Play Group

Call for Doggie Adventure Schedule - Last Thursday of every month pick up between 9:00am & 9:30am

 Some places we may go are:
Crowders Mountain

 Latta Plantation 

Lake Norman State Park 

See pics from one of our Adventure Trip below and also on  facebook logo



Testimonials From Our Customers

" My Irish Terrier, Riley, absolutely LOVES his hike with VIP Pets!  Riley is a high energy dog and has lots to burn off, which he does during his hike. He comes home happy and exercised!  Riley loves the hikes so much, he sits at front door on his hike day watching for the pink VIP Pets car!  Cyndi and Sean do a superb job with the hikes for my Riley who could probably hike all day!  I have no reservations in highly recommending VIP Pets for their hike service, as well as for their dog walking services." - Riley's Owner, Peggy

 Click Here for more Testimonials from our Customers

Some Pics from our Doggie Adventure Day Trips.

We had a blast and made new friends on our adventures. Here are some pics from our Crowders Mountain trip:
 The VIP pack in the car on our way!

We were stopped and asked to take a "selfie" and made friends .  They couldn't believe how many dogs I had and how well behaved.

Top of Crowders  Mountain                                                                   All Tired out and napping on the way home!

Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pack Hikes & Doggie Adventure Day Trips for
 Very Important Pets
 Serving Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson & Denver 


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