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Premier Dog Training & Dog Walking Services for the VIP in your Life!!  Serving Lake Norman since 2007.

Dog Walking & Hike Services and Rates

Our Dog Walking, Pack Hikes & Play Group
Services and Rates
VIP Pet Services  goes beyond a typical dog walk.  We are passionate about creating well balanced, happy dogs!  Dogs need to exercise, explore, play, and socialize daily.  Our services were made to meet your dog's physical, social and mental needs in a structured fun way.  We have something for all types of dogs from high energy social pets to those needing leash manners and socialization. So while you are busy at work or away why leave your dog home with nothing to do? Let us entertain and burn off their energy so you come back to a calm relaxed dog!
Our dog services are done between 9 am & 5:30 pm daily.

 Dog Walking Service 

Our dog walking service is best for working owners who want to give their pets daily exercise, socialization and a potty break.  We provide  a structured walk where leash manners and simple obedience commands are reinforced thereby engaging them both physically and mentally.
VIP Club Contract Rates: Book 3 or more walks or other services per week to qualify.
VIP Club Walk Rate:  20 minutes           $16.50 per walk
VIP Club Royal Walk: 35 minutes            $25.00 per walk  
VIP Potty Break Rate:                            $12.00 per visit
Non Contract Rates:
Royal Walk:                                             $27.50
Five Star Walk:                                        $18.50

Nature Dog Pack Hikes 
We offer one hour hikes on local trails and greenways 3 times a week to give your VIP a chance to socialize, explore,(SNIFF!) in nature as well as get a good workout. We will chauffeur you pets to and from your home.  You will come home to a relaxed happy dog!
All dogs participating must be well socialized-show NO aggression to other dogs and have good leash manners.  If your dog is a puller or dog reactive, we can provide an evaluation and training to assimilate them into our fun pack activities.  See our Training Page.
One Hour Hikes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Pick time between 9 & 10am
VIP Club 5 Star Hike:  $30.00  (Contract Rate for those booking 3 or more services per week)
                                        $22.50 (25% off) per additional dog in same household

5 Star Hike:                    $40.00  (Non Contract Rate) per dog 
                                         $32.00(20% off) per additional dog in same household

Doggie Adventure Day Trip - Thursdays 

Join us every Thursday for a fun filled outdoor adventure!!!  We will travel to different locations (mountains,  lakes, greenways, parks) every week to fulfill your dogs need for exploring, exercise, play and mental stimulation.  Your dog will be out for at least 3-4 hours depending on location in a pack of up to 5.  We chauffeur to an from your home. 

VIP Club Doggie Adventure Rate:        $50.00 (Contract Rate for those booking 3 or more) services per week)                                  $37.50 (25% off) per additional dog in same household

Doggie Adventure Rate:                       $60.00 (Non Contract Rate)
$48.00 (20% off) per additional dog in same household

Every Thursday pick up between 9:30am & 10am Book Now

   Lake Norman State Park
 Crowders Mountain 

 Latta Plantation 
Rocky Face Mountain 
.........Just to name a few 

Puppy Play Group (1 hour) Every Tuesday
VIP Club Contract Rate:   $30.00
Non Contract Rate:          $35.00

A Pack of up to 5 puppies (10 weeks to 1 year) will have a chance to play, socialize, explore new scents and surroundings, burn lots of energy and have a blast. We will run groups according to size.  Must show proof of vaccinations. We will do pick ups between 9:30 & 10a.m.
Senior Social Outing Every Monday   
VIP Club Rate:          $25.00
Non Contract Rate:  $35.00
Great for older dogs or those with joint issues who would enjoy a car ride and a stroll while socializing with a pack up to five.   We will go to local parks with a flat terrain and or fenced in area.  Pick up between 1:30pm & 2pm

Pet Chauffeur Services *$25.00 
Drop off and Pick up services to Vets office, Groomers and Day Care.  Price may increase based on mileage and time.

All Rates are subject to increase based on number of pets, location and level of care required.  Holiday fees are an additional $5.00 per visit for the day before, day of, day after a holiday.  Our primary service area is Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson and Denver.  We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  Our employees have passed extensive background checks.

Obedience Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pack Hikes & Doggie Adventure Day Trips for
Very Important Pets
 in Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson & Denver 


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