VIP PET SERVICES specializes in unique, tail wagging fun ways to meet your dog’s social, mental and physical needs.

Does your dog or puppy need to learn basic obedience dog training commands?
Pulls on his/her leash?  D
og Reactive?
Bark too much?  Jump on people?
Have anxiety?
Have pent up energy?  Lacks play time with others?
Is your dog bored and alone while you are at work?

(Dog Training is currently Not Available) 


Our Dog Training & Behavior Modification Sessions (Currently Not Available), Happy Tails Enrichment Sessions and Nature Pack Hiking Services are the answer!

It is our passion to help create healthy, happy well balanced dogs.


We understand the impact of using dog training to teach a dog boundaries, commands and impulse control.  Coupled with exercise and mental stimulation to truly bring out the very best behaviors and overall well being.

With VIP dogs learn, exercise and thrive!

WARNING! The following services are guaranteed to get lots of tail wags, sniffs and overall exuberance!!

Dog Training & Behavior Modification

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Nature Pack Hikes

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Dog Walking

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