The VIP Team


                             Cyndi Picano

Cyndi is the owner and head dog trainer at VIP.  She has over 20 years of pet care experience, professionally and personally.  “I am passionate about enriching dog’s lives.  Understanding dog behavior, Training, Socializing, Exercise and Mental stimulation are all key components in maintaining a healthy, happy dog, which is why I created services to meet these specific needs.

I first completed a dog obedience training program.  Subsequently, I was fortunate to fine tune my training skills by participating in a dog training shadow program with world renowned trainer, Tyler Muto. In addition, I recently furthered my education by completing Mike D’Abruzzo’s K9-1 Foundation Style Training 4.0 program  and his Personal Protection Training 4.0. I’m also a member of K9-1 Dog Training World. Mike is a well respected, prominent trainer who has trained dogs for the department of defense, film, competition, police, security agencies, celebrities, and was chosen as the training coordinator for the explosive detection canines used by FEMA during the post 9-11 recovery efforts.

I continue researching, attending workshops, studying dogs and behavior.   Although I have worked with animals for the last 20 years,  I am a lifetime student and teacher. I love learning all things dogs. I persue the latest canine behavior education in an effort to understand our pets better, obtain the best tools to communicate and modify behavioral issues as well as how to establish a healthy, beautiful relationship with our beloved canines.

It is so rewarding to be able to help a dog achieve a well balanced state and become a great canine citizen in the community”.

“I feel blessed to have the Best Job in the World! 

Our team is comprised of compassionate professionals who care deeply about meeting the needs of the dogs we care for!


                            Johanna Steinz

Johanna joined VIP in the spring of 2014.  Originally from Germany, she now happily calls North Carolina home.  She is awesome with dogs.  Her leadership abilities and caring nature creates a strong bond with the dogs in her care.  She truly loves engaging with the dogs and all dogs naturally respond happily to her.  We are so happy to have her on our team.


                          Ashley DeCusati

Ashley joined VIP in June of 2019.  She is a fantastic Dog Training Assistant and Dog handler.  Prior to joining VIP, Ashley has worked in dog day care facilities over the years. With her background, she truly excels in teaching and naturally engages with all the dogs.  She is a caring person and truly loves what she does.  She is tremendously talented and we are so very fortunate to have her on the VIP team.


                          Sydney Aldridge

Sydney joined our Team in 2018 and is a Dog Training Assistant.  Her education in Zoology provides her a perfect foundation for excelling in Training Dogs.  She naturally exudes a quiet confidence working with dogs which produces excellent results.  Her passion is to bring out the very best in the dogs she works with, which is perfectly in line with what our mission is at VIP Pets.  Needless to say, she truly is a perfect fit on our Team and we are so lucky to have her with us.

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