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Services and Rates

VIP Pet Services goes beyond a typical dog walk.  We are passionate about creating well balanced, happy dogs!  Dogs need to exercise, explore, play, and socialize daily.  Our services were made to meet your dog’s physical, social and mental needs in a structured fun way.  We have something for all types of dogs from high energy social pets to those needing leash manners and socialization. So while you are busy at work or away, why leave your dog home with nothing to do? Let us entertain and burn off their energy so you come back to a calm relaxed dog!
Walking service is weekdays from 11:00am & 2:30pm daily.

Dog Walking Service

Our dog walking service is best for working owners who want to give their pets daily exercise, socialization and a potty break.  We provide  a structured walk where leash manners and simple obedience commands are reinforced thereby engaging them both physically and mentally.

Walking service is weekdays only from 11:00am thru 2:30pm.

“VIP Club” Contract Rates: 

Book 3 or more walks, or any combination of our other services per week to qualify for discounted “Club” pricing.

“VIP Club” Walk Rate: 

20 minutes

$17.50 per walk

“VIP Club” Royal Walk:

30 minutes

$25.00 per walk

“VIP Club” Potty Break Rate:

10-15 minutes

$14.50 per visit

Non Contract Rates:

“5-Star” 20 minutes Walk


“Royal” 30 minutes Walk


Nature Dog Pack Hikes

(One Hour duration includes transportation) 


We offer one hour Pack Hikes on local trails, greenways, farms and plantations.  Pack Hikes gives your “VIP” a chance to socialize, explore in nature, and get a good workout. Best of all, we provide transportation to and from your home.

All dogs participating must be well socialized-show NO aggression towards other dogs and have good leash manners.  If your dog is a puller or dog reactive, we can help.  We provide training to assimilate them into our fun pack activities.  See our Training Page.

One Hour Hikes are offered weekdays with pick up times between 8:30am to 9:30am.

“VIP Club” 5-Star Hike


Contract Rate for booking 3 or more services per week and price is per dog.

(25% off) per additional dog in same household

Non Contract 5-Star Hike


(Non Contract Rate) per dog

(20% off) per additional dog in same household

5 doges
3 doges

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