Enrichment Sessions are a fun way for your dog to learn, engage, exercise and do what they were meant to do!

                                               Cody learning “High Ten”


                                       Memphis clears the bar!


                      Ava loves the tunnel!

Our in home Happy Tails Enrichment Sessions are held weekdays and are 1/2 hour duration.  Sessions are between 10:00am to 3:00pm.

This specialty service enriches your dog’s life by fulfilling their specific innate instincts, needs and drives through Learning, Play, Tricks and Physical & Mental Exercises.  Our Dog Professionals come to your home with our Awesome Enrichment Kit ready to work one on one with your dog.  Great for all dogs, especially Working/Herding breeds, bored and high energy pups.  Channeling your dog’s energy and giving them an appropriate outlet solves many behavioral issues.  In addition it increases impulse control, self calming skills and broadens their learning capacity.  We do all of this for you while you’re away or at work, so you come home to a Satisfied, Calm, Happy Pup!.

Enrichment Sessions are $35.00

*Price is per dog, and discount for multiple dogs in the same household will apply.

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