Our PlaySKOOLs are a fun way for your dog to socialize, exercise and learn!

PlaySKOOLs are 1 hour duration and are offered weekdays between 9:00AM – 1:00PM.  Your dog is evaluated to fit in with other dogs of the same temperament.  Our Dog Trainer Cyndi evaluates every dog and matches them perfectly, so your dog has a pleasant and rewarding experience.  PlaySKOOL offers a structured curriculum of agility challenges such as ramps, tunnels, hula hoops and high bar jumps.  Mental challenges include scenting cones, hidden treat rugs and more.  Dogs receive one on one attention from our handlers throughout the hour.  Engaging with dogs is our passion and we pride ourselves in bringing out the best in every dog in our Classes.  PlaySKOOL is always in a controlled, gated area.  Price is per dog, and discount for multiple dogs in the same household will apply.

“VIP Club” PlaySKOOL is $35.00

Non-Contract PlaySKOOL is $40.00

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