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Cyndi Picano, the owner of VIP is our dog trainer. She is committed to helping dogs become happy, well mannered canine citizens. In addition, she educates owner’s on how to provide leadership, effectively communicate, understand as well as meet their dogs needs.

She understands that every dog is an individual and it is not a “one size fits all” dog training approach. An evaluation and dog training plan are created specifically for what works for the owner and their dog.  Although we will help educate and train dogs, training is not a one time event.  It is a lifestyle.  The key to success is owner participation in following training plans and living a lifestyle with your dog that incorporates meeting their needs and maintaining what has been taught in your daily life. The result is a happy, strong bond with the VIP in their life!

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Dog Training & Behavior Modification


Private in home Training Sessions with Owners and their Dogs:

Owner’s participate with their dog’s during Training Sessions.  This enables both Owners and their dog’s to learn together.  With this type of Training transferring commands from the Trainer to the Owner successfully occurs.  As well as a healthy natural bond develops between Owners and their pups.


In home Day Training:

Great for busy owners. Our trainer comes to your home and trains your dog obedience commands and behavior modification for you.  Then we schedule a transfer session with owner so that you can maintain training. We have 2 options:

5 Session 1 hour training Mon- Fri-  Friday requires a transfer session with owner and dog.

10 Session 1 hour training Mon- Fri for 2 weeks consecutively- both Fridays require a transfer session with owners and dog.


Walk and Train Program:

Our trainer will teach loose leash walking and Heel.

5 Sessions M-F- Friday requires a transfer session with owner and dog.


Group Training Classes:

Real World Training Class– Every Wednesday for clients who have gone through our basic obedience training, and now are ready to practice in real world settings in a Group.

Trick Class– Fun, engaging Class for owners to strengthen their bond and help fulfill the dogs needs for mental stimulation, confidence and impulse control.

Puppy Socialization and Training- For puppies 8-12 weeks.  Pups begin to work on basic commands.  We assist owners with typical puppy issues such as crate training, mouthing, housebreaking, etc.  We provide Socialization and Playtime as well.  All Puppies must be up to date on their Vaccinations to participate.


Training Packages


Teaching a dog basic training commands will help to avoid or solve behavior issues such as pulling on leash, jumping on visitors, coming when called to name a few.  We recommend 6 one hour weekly Sessions.  We provide homework and a specific Training Plan for your pup.  Our private sessions will cover basic obedience commands including:

*Sit/Stay   *Down/Stay   *Come   *Leave It   *Place   *Leash Manners


These sessions will reinforce what was learned in Basic One, but will be done for longer durations, in different locations with distractions.  Dogs learn at different rates, have different challenges, and learn by repetition.  Owners working the Training Plan daily in between our Sessions will determine the number of Training hours needed.  We recommend at least 4 one hour weekly Sessions.  Our private sessions and will include:

Advances Basic One commands in higher distractions:

*Recalls   *Off Leash   *Heel   *Place

Puppy “START RIGHT” Training:

It is very important to start socializing and training your puppy as early as 8 weeks.  Our program educates owner’s on housebreaking, crate training and puppy proofing your home.  We also teach your puppy basic obedience commands.  We recommend 6 one hour weekly sessions for puppies 8 weeks to 1 year old to give your puppy a solid foundation.

Our Puppy “Start Right” Training program teaches the following commands:

*Sit  *Down   *Stay   *Leave It   *Leash manners   *Drop it   *Focus

Customized Training Sessions:

You can book a one 1 hour dog training session or several to address specific behavior issues, such as dog reactivity, chewing, anxiety to name a few.  Also, off leash training.  A customized session may also be used to assimilate your dog into one of our fun Pack Hikes. Doggie Day Adventure Trips or Enrichment Sessions.

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