I can’t say enough great things about VIP Pets. My crazy little puppy leaves ready to bounce off of every wall and comes home happy and worn out. Not only do they have great play groups, they teach your dog how to play nice with other dogs. –Erin of Huntersville

Sofie and Max II

Sofie and Max

“One word to describe Cyndi and Vinny at VIP Pets, AWESOME! In December we got two, yes two! Goldendoodle puppies. To say the least, we were in over heads! When I met Cyndi, I immediately knew VIP was the one that would help us regain some control in our home. Cyndi did an amazing job training Sophie and Max. The love and compassion she has for Sophie and Max is above par. She is very professional and knowledgeable. In addition to their training sessions, Sophie and Max are part of their Wednesday morning play group, which is the highlight of their week. If you are looking for a Dog Trainer or looking to socialize your furry friend with a play group give VIP a call. They will not disappoint!  -Tracy of Cornelius

Bailey, Harp and Kona

Bailey, Kona and Harp

“I’ve used them for years! They are the best! Trustworthy and truly love your pets as if they were theirs.”  -Stephanie of Denver

Duke and Dutchess

Duke and Duchess

“Cyndi is just awesome. Her training has so helped my puppies and they love her. I highly recommend Cyndi and VIP.”  -Deborah of Davidson

Riley II


“My Irish Terrier, Riley, absolutely LOVES his hike with VIP Pets!  Riley is a high energy dog and has lots to burn off, which he does during his hike. He comes home happy and exercised!  Riley loves the hikes so much, he sits at front door on his hike day watching for the VIP Pets car!  Cyndi and Vinny do a superb job with the hikes for my Riley, who could probably hike all day!  I have no reservations in highly recommending VIP Pets for their hike service, as well as for their other services.”  -Peggy of Huntersville



“The Weekly Dog Hikes offered by VIP Pets are fantastic opportunities for my energetic dog to get fresh air, sunshine and great exercise, in the company of other dogs in a true “trail” setting, while receiving instructional supervision by caring, trained professionals.  My dog, Bella lives for hike days, and she knows when hike days occur.  She actually jumps on the couch, leaning over the back of the couch watching for the VIP car coming to pick her up.  This is another of the great AAA services offered by VIP Pets.”  -Duane of Huntersville

Luna and Keuchly

Luna & Kuechly

“I can’t thank Cyndi of VIP Pets enough. I have a very leash-reactive dog, Luna. It was a vicious circle of us going for walks, her overreacting, me being frustrated and embarrassed, me limiting the walks by space or time, her becoming more and more frustrated, until ultimately I stopped walking her–which (in hind sight) made matters even worse. In desperation, I called Cyndi. Thanks to the training we have done with Cyndi, I have become confident as a dog handler and with work and structure, my girl enjoys outdoor activities and is even a star student on pack hikes. We can walk our community and new area with success and no frustration or embarrassment. We recently had a loss of the only dog Luna ever lived with. It is only with Cyndi’s help and leadership have we been able to successfully add a new member to our pack. We would not be a happy, healthy, balanced pack without Cyndi of VIP Pets!”  -Christina of Huntersville

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